Life is Shattered when you don't plan a sober ride


In 2014, 116 deaths on Montana roads involved at least one impaired driver. That's 60 percent of Montana's crash fatalities. And it equates to thousands of lives shattered when you consider the families and friends of those victims.

Preventing DUI crashes is in your power. Simply, plan for a sober ride if you plan to drink. And if you find yourself without a planned ride, call a sober friend or ask the bartender to call a taxi or get a ride for you.

Our goal in Montana is Vision Zero - that's zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Help us reach it. Only drive sober.


Patrols are increased across the state from mid-August through Labor Day. If you're caught driving under the influence, you'll be subject to greater fines than ever before.

And if any passenger in your vehicle is under age 16, the fine is doubled. Be smart. If you plan to drink, plan for a sober ride home.

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